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Pau de Cabinda

A Traditional Aphrodisiac From Africa

This compounded plant product is traditionally used as an Aphrodisiac tonic, also known as a "Genesic" tonic. The most well known ingredient is African Pau de Cabinda, also known as Chichualy de Cabinda. This formula is reputed to act in a complex way over the sexual physiology, potentially balancing the neuro-endocrine system, as well as the neuro-vegetative and psychosomatic systems.

This formula is regarded as a superior aid to the circulation, where it is especially seen to improve blood flow to the genitalia. It is expected that this improves the effectiveness of the product, and it may be a primary reason why the product has such an excellent reputation. The results vary from person to person. Some people report experiencing immediate results, while others report favorable results after several days of use.

Available Formats:

30 capsules  $28.00 CDN
20 glass ampoules (10ml per ampoule)  $38.00 CDN


IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is not recommended in cases of hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

Canadian Distributor Mond Trading Co. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Herb Uses and Pictures  A - B    C - E   F - L   M - P   Q - S   T - Y     Order Page    Contact Us   Learn about Ayurvedic Herbsl